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Dinner with a show: new nightlife destination The Theater opens in Dubai

An immersive new experience is set to steal the spotlight in the UAE’s dining scene. The Theater, described as an “immersive visual spectacle with world-class entertainment” has opened doors – or, well, curtains – at Fairmont Dubai. The venue will offer a blend of live music and dance, with a line-up of artists flown in from across the globe, including vocalists and aerial dancers from Las Vegas. Performers will not just make appearances on the stage, which stretches all the way into the audience, but from unexpected nooks and crannies, too. The line-up of shows has been curated exclusively for The Theater, with a fusion of eastern and western performances.

One of the opening acts, entitled Savage, is inspired by a hunt in the wild, with an aerialist playing the role of a jaguar, who will transport guests into the jungle with a performance that includes jumping through hoops.

There will be shows that pay tribute to famous scenes from the silver screen, as well as a band playing Arabic pop hits from the '80s, finishing with a Lebanese dabke. The shows will be directed by Lebanese-Armenian musician, composer and pianist Guy Manoukian, who says he wants to raise the bar not just in the UAE, but across the Middle East. “While the whole world was in lockdown, we were looking for the underdogs and the hidden gems in the world of art and theatre. They’re now starving for a performance, so when they’re back on stage it’s going to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before,” he says. Apart from the visual spectacle, there promises to be plenty on the plate to catch the eye, too. The venue has an international menu, with dishes such as hand-made beef gyoza, lobster linguini and slow-cooked Wagyu tomahawk with shaved truffle. Rabih Fakhreddine, founder and chief executive of 7Management, which is behind the enterprise, believes that the time is right for such a show. "The UAE's swift action to keep the country and population safe through immediate safety measures, drastic drops in Covid-19 cases, followed by the smooth and successful rollout of the vaccine for all, has proven that the people's well-being lies at the heart of its leaders," he tells The National. "With Dubai being one of the leading cities in setting global trends, [this] presents a perfect combination of bringing both fine-dining and multiple stunning live performances behind one beautiful curtain." The Theater Dubai will be open from Wednesdays to Saturdays, with shows taking place at 7.30pm and 10pm.